Monday, May 28, 2012

Making decisions in Agile teams - another case study

Challenges of shared decision-making: A multiple case study of agile software development

I've came accross this paper with a lot of insights how agile teams reason when making decisions. This papers goes into details explaining the multiple quotes.

Here is an example of a quote from that paper:  It is now more difficult to ‘‘steal’’ resources from us, because the consequences of losing resources during a sprint are more visible with Scrum. Earlier the deadline was 6–12 months ahead, and then it was easy to steal a day or two. There has been a change of attitude in the company, and it is now well accepted that you do not steal resources from a Scrum team during a sprint.

Resource allocation is usually an issue in software projects and using Agile has this advantage that the allocation is onto the teams (to a large extent). This quotation shows also how they think when making the resource allocation visible to the management - e.g. through shorten deadlines. As you can see, this influenced the company.

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