Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two tools for continuous deployment...

Since measuring the continuous integration and deployment is an important aspect in contemporary software engineering, I've looked at one (or two, depending how you count) tools that stimulate this.

Hudson and Jenkins, are two tools which automate jobs and provide statistics on how the result of these jobs look like.

What I like about this tool is the fact that it can automate all kinds of batch jobs, not just building via makefiles.

I will try to use this tool in our work for executing measurement systems, status of builds, but also sending e-mail to customers with links, link statistics (if coupled with Google Analytics).

Particularly the last one is very useful for continuous deployment - the system sends out links and then looks at the statistics which software links were used - i.e. how many installations we have.

Can't wait to play around with the tool a bit more.
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