Monday, November 26, 2012

Agile and Lean in Finland

How much agile is there in Finland?  

This paper presents an interesting survey on how the Finnish industry adopts Agile and Lean software development principles. 
The paper shows that the majority of companies follow Agile principles (33%) and Agile+Lean (21%). What the survey also showed is that Lean principles on their own are not that common and are used only by 2%of the surveyed companies. 

Out of all the Agile methods it is Scrum which is the most popular, while TDD is used only by 1% of companies adopting Agile. 

This paper is a great view on the current status of adoption in industry (perhaps not all of it though). It gets even more interesting if we can consider this paper together with the work of Korhonen (see my previous post at:

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