Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lean efficiency (paper review)

Lean efficiency,%20The%20Art%20and%20Science%20of%20Practice.pdf

I've posed a number of reviews of metrics in the "Agile" world and then I though that I've not done so much in the area of Lean development. Lean software development creeps in more and more often into larger companies and the topic begins to be "hot" increasingly often.

So, what kind of metrics are there in Lean development except for the famous Six-Sigma that is simple, yet complex. The Six-sigma book review I started with a while ago was, let's be honest, a starter.

In my work I often refer to this article. This is an interesting piece of analysis of ONE simple metric - inventory - in the context of Lean effectiveness and efficiency. What I like about this paper is the solid analytical ground for it. The analysis of companies and data from a number of years. The only thing that I wonder is the presence of the geopolitics (or the lack of it). Could that play a part in the intentory levels of the studied companies? Does a market pressure affect the inventory levels of software development companies?

I guess I'll need to do that analysis myself one day.
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