Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motivation in software engineering...

Motivation in Software Engineering (review of systematic review)

I've read this paper and recommend it to managers who instantly seek how to motivate their employees. What I find particularly interesting is that they actually reflect on the question "Who are software engineers?" - please take a look at their research questions, they really do a nice work!

RQ1: What are the characteristics of Software Engineers?
RQ2: What (de)motivates Software Engineers to be more (less) productive?
RQ3: What are the external signs or outcomes of (de)motivated Software Engineers?
RQ4: What aspects of Software Engineering (de)motivate Software Engineers?
RQ5: What models of motivation exist in Software Engineering?

In the light of this I like this main result best: "M. 17 Identify with the task (clear goals, personal interest, know purpose of task, how it fits in with whole, job satisfaction; producing identifiable piece of quality work)" which is the number one motivational factor for software engineering professionals. This means that code-ownership practices stimulate and help the practitioners to feel needed. So, let me ask a question: How about off-shoring? 24/7 development? Who owns the code? Who is motivated?

Ok, it was more than one question, but still. I've seen this happening in many companies - off-shore does not mean better.


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