Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Overview of component metrics...

Overview of component metrics - a systematic review...

Once in a while we come across an interesting study - a study which does the related work for us. This is a very good paper describing a set of metrics for component-based software systems.

Things that are measured (from section 5) are:
- Interfaces
- Interface methods
- Property
- Signatures

Top 4 limitations of the current research in the areas are (I cite):
  • The lack of a widely accepted metric and quality model for CBSE from the components consumer and producer perspectives. This lack may arise because most metrics definitions were performed in an ad-hoc fashion, rather than meeting information requirements of a specific framework upon which we plan to interpret the metric. In the absence of such a framework, the data collection and interpretation of the metric becomes subjective. In addition, most of these proposals have not achieved an industrial level validation.
  • The poor quality of some papers identified in the quality evaluation section, which reduces the trustworthiness of the proposed metrics.
  • The poor quality of some metric definitions, which makes it difficult for researchers or practitioners to ensure the correct collection of measurements that were initially intended by the metrics developers. Overall, many metrics have insufficiencies either in their formulation, collection, validation or applications.
  • The elements of metric definitions those are not visible to CBSS developers, including elements that are incompatible with the standard concepts of a component or CBSS, such as a class or source code.
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