Thursday, January 3, 2013

Special issue on performance in software development - CFP for April

Information and Software Technology - special issue on Performance in Software Development

We're announcing a special issue of Information and Software Technology. It seems that challenges related to organizational performance are prevailing and my recent post about motivations in software engineering gained a significant attention.

We intend to collect interesting articles in the area and thus we solicit the spacial issue with focus on:

  • Managerial, technical and social aspects of measuring performance of software organization
  • Business aspects of organizational performance measurement
  • Agile and Lean software development and its impact on organizational performance
  • Performance of software development teams and organizations
  • Performance of R&D in software organizations
  • Ability to continuously satisfy customer demands
  • Corporate performance management of software development organizations, teams and supply chains
  • Impact of standardization on operational performance
  • Visualization of organizational performance and its patterns
  • Case studies and experiments of how techniques/methods/technologies influence organizational performance and how it is measured
The submission deadline is 5th of April 2013. Consider submitting or stay tuned for the TOC later this year!


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