Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Agile methods in European embedded software development companies ... a survey

A survey on the actual use and usefuleness of XP and Scrum (paper review)

Agile methods are here to stay one would say. However, I often stumble upon a question how much they are used and how. In this particular paper the authors review the actual use of XP and Scrum in embedded software development companies in Europe.

Some of the interesting findings and reflections:
- most commonly adopted Agile practice was the use of "open office space" - great, but is that really one of Agile principles?
- 51% of respondents claimed that core practices of XP like pair-programming are "rarely" or "never" practiced in their companies - hmmm.... interesting

What I find very interesting was the fact that the authors looked at both the use and usefulness of the practices - and revealed that adoption of Agile is not friction-free (ca. 28% of respondents admitted that they've had negative expectations for the Agile adoption).

One of the things I would like to see a reflection on is the situation in Sweden and Finland with a number of large companies working according to Agile, e.g.

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