Monday, October 3, 2011

Motivations and measurements in an Agile case study (paper review)

Motivations and measurements in an Agile case study (paper review):

This is a very interesting paper for those who would like to know more about transitioning to Agile. The paper lists and evaluates a number of measures used in Agile teams. It looks at both sociological factors (like Team education level), technological aspects (like Number of changed classes) and more.

What is good about this paper is the fact that the metrics which are used in the case study, could be used to control trends in Agile/XP teams. I would be very interested myself to see whether the team education level and the number of changed classes are correlated. How about the defect count vs. team experience? I guess I would need to find another paper about that, though...

What is very good about this paper is that it is an experience report - not a scientific/theoretical thing - a real deal. One might criticize, but it is better to learn from it.

The paper is worth reading and worth using:)


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