Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real analytics...

Real analytics (by Deloitte):

Business intelligence tools has been proven to work very well and very poor - depending on who uses them. Just like Alice, when asked where she wants to go - "I do not know", and getting the answer - "Then it does not matter which way you choose".

This article describes one of the modern trends in measurement in IT, and in SE in particular. The authors postulate that the era of traditional BI is over, and what comes is:
  • predictions and simulations - companies want to play with what if ... scenarios
  • social networks and data collection from those - companies recognize that sheer numbers are often as good as social trends and word of mouth

What I particularly like about this article is the implication on such fields as automotive analytics - what the analytics tools should do is what the cars do today - predict and avoid accidents, not inform about them.
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