Friday, October 21, 2011

Tracking the Evolution of Object-Oriented... (paper review)

Tracking the evolution of object-oriented metrics... (paper review)

This paper shows trends in how CK OO metrics evolve during mutliple iterations in Agile projects. The trends look interesing, but the paper cannot draw conclusions about what the trends mean.

What I find as the most interesting:
- the paper presents trends and focuses on trends (the values are not important)
- the trends are not always growing - i.e. there are iterations where refactoring is applied and this does improve the situation.

I think this approach is in line with the Agile thinking - do not compute the metric once, do it iteratively. I wonder how many Agile-thinking companies do it the same way.

This paper can be used as an example of what kind of values OO metrics can have in Agile projects. The good thing is that the study was not calculated on a single project, but in many projects.
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